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Blue Zap :iconlylacowarriordeer:LylacoWarriorDeer 3 3
The Warrior Deer (Part 4) FINALE
Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3:
Scene 16: The Owner of the Ocean
Arondor and Serpico arrive at Lilac Village riding on the cursed dragon, all the villagers run to their houses and lock their doors at the sight of the evil spider king.
Arondor: LYLACO!!!
Queen Emeralsa: (hearing Arondor) Oh no, it's Arondor.
Lylaco: Ar...Arondor?
Queen Emeralsa: Have no fear; I have guards at the door. We’ll get rid of him, you stay here.
Queen Emeralsa goes out to confront Arondor at the door, the golden dragon growls angrily at Arondor as it notices him.
Arondor: (noticing Queen Emeralsa and her guards) Hmm, I should have expected Queen Emeralsa would be here; knowing her daughter would be in bad shape (smiles evilly
:iconlylacowarriordeer:LylacoWarriorDeer 1 0
Destiny :iconlylacowarriordeer:LylacoWarriorDeer 5 12
The Warrior Deer (Part 3)
If you haven't read the first two parts yet, please do so before reading this part.
Part 2:
Part 1 :
Scene 11: Arondor's Reveal
As Lylaco, Veloces and Jess hug, Coldscale is not impressed and is rather rude to them.
Coldscale: Oh gross, get a room.
Lylaco: Hey, watch your mouth!
Coldscale: (folds her arms) You can't tell me what to do, stupid deer.
Jess: (growls) That is NOT how you talk to my friends!!
Coldscale: Whatever, traitor.
Alvor: Maybe they can't tell you what to do but I can.
Coldscale looks up at Alvor nervously.
Alvor: What's this is I hear about you dragging Lylaco's friend Jess into your criminal acts?
Coldscale: She….just tagged along because she was, uh, abandoned (points to Lylaco) by her!
Lylaco: (angry) That's a lie!
Jess: Lylaco would never abandon me! I just ran off like an idiot (whispers to Lylaco) true
:iconlylacowarriordeer:LylacoWarriorDeer 1 0
Meeting Tyandaga Art Contest (CLOSED) :iconlylacowarriordeer:LylacoWarriorDeer 1 10
The Warrior Deer (Part 2)
Scene 6: Lylaco's Story
Later that night, Lylaco and all of her friends including Umbra Vesper are at her house resting after the events in the Shadow Forest.
Jess: Okie Dokie, now we got two pieces of the Talisman, how many more do we need to find?
Lylaco: I'm not sure, but at least we're one step ahead of Arondor.
Umbra Vesper: So what's the deal with this Talisman, anyway?
Lylaco: Long ago, golden stags came to our world and made friends with my kind. My father was the one who gave them his blessing, so the golden stags created the Talisman of Strength so the people of Emeralda could use its power to gain strength. Myself, Veloces, Jess, my mother and her guards don't need the Talisman's power because we have something called the sacred light which was created by my grandfather.
Umbra Vesper: Wow, that's just incredible! I'm a shadow so my kind doesn't need anything to gain strength, not even from a Talisman.
Lylaco: Oh (chuckles) well
:iconlylacowarriordeer:LylacoWarriorDeer 0 0
Arondor the Spider King :iconlylacowarriordeer:LylacoWarriorDeer 0 0 The Cast of Characters :iconlylacowarriordeer:LylacoWarriorDeer 0 0
The Warrior Deer (Part 1)
Planet Emeralda is home to some of most peaceful and carefree creatures, but their world as under threat. The sacred golden stone known as the Talisman of Strength has been destroyed by a power hungry Spider King named Arondor, this vile being had heard all about the Talisman's special powers, so he set out with his companion, Commander Seripco to take the Talisman so he could abuse the power it possesses. Arondor travelled to a city owned by rulers, Queen Emeralsa and King Topaz demanding the location of the Talisman, the King and Queen obviously refused, then Arondor sent Serpico and his minions to hunt for the location of the talisman while he and his spider army battled Queen Emerasla, King Topaz and their daughter, Lylaco the warrior deer. Arondor and his Spider Soldiers were defeated utterly, unfortunately King Topaz did not survive. Arondor was driven away but Serpico's soldiers reported the location of the Talisman to him which was inside an a
:iconlylacowarriordeer:LylacoWarriorDeer 0 11
Merry Christmas from KHG!!! :iconlylacowarriordeer:LylacoWarriorDeer 12 29 Them's Fightin' Herds :iconlylacowarriordeer:LylacoWarriorDeer 21 4 Shantae [REUPLOADED] :iconlylacowarriordeer:LylacoWarriorDeer 11 0 Magic Shards Remastered :iconlylacowarriordeer:LylacoWarriorDeer 4 4 Kind Heart :iconlylacowarriordeer:LylacoWarriorDeer 5 104


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Part 1: lylacowarriordeer.deviantart.c…
Part 2: lylacowarriordeer.deviantart.c…
Part 3: lylacowarriordeer.deviantart.c…

Scene 16: The Owner of the Ocean

Arondor and Serpico arrive at Lilac Village riding on the cursed dragon, all the villagers run to their houses and lock their doors at the sight of the evil spider king.

Arondor: LYLACO!!!

Queen Emeralsa: (hearing Arondor) Oh no, it's Arondor.

Lylaco: Ar...Arondor?

Queen Emeralsa: Have no fear; I have guards at the door. We’ll get rid of him, you stay here.

Queen Emeralsa goes out to confront Arondor at the door, the golden dragon growls angrily at Arondor as it notices him.

Arondor: (noticing Queen Emeralsa and her guards) Hmm, I should have expected Queen Emeralsa would be here; knowing her daughter would be in bad shape (smiles evilly and walks up to the house)

The guards hold out their spears with glowing sparks preparing to fire lasers as Arondor and Serpico approach.

Palace Guard 1: Halt!

Palace Guard 2: Stay right where you are!

Serpico: Queen Emeralsa, I never thought I'd see you again! (laughs)

Arondor: Now, your highness, I have a message for Lylaco.

Queen Emeralsa: What's that?

Arondor: When I have all the fragments, she must surrender the Talisman and allow me to control it and you must give up your city and surrender it to me and make no attempts to resist, if either of you do so I'll just take the Talisman and your city by force!

Queen Emeralsa: That won't happen! You'll never take my city!

Arondor: Don't think I'm lying here, because I won't hesitate to take your life and as well as your daughter's!

Serpico: He means everything he says, you know?

Queen Emeralsa: That will never happen; you won't get away with this, Arondor!

Arondor: We'll see about that. Farewell, your highness.

Arondor and Serpico hop into the cursed dragon's back and fly away. Queen Emeralsa goes back into the house and approaches Lylaco looking very worried.

Lylaco: Mother? (coughs) What's...going on?

Queen Emeralsa: (sighs) Arondor came, he said once all of the fragments are in his possession I have to surrender my city to him and you will have to do the same thing with the Talisman.

Lylaco: (panting) That...can'

Queen Emeralsa: I will never give in to his demands, I promise you.

Lylaco: I won't.

Queen Emeralsa: But if we refuse he'll take my city and the Talisman of Strength by force, plus he will kill us both without hesitation. That means he'll probably dispose of my guards to take my palace, I have to warn them.

Lylaco: (sweating) Wha?...take our lives? I won't...let that happen!, Ugh, once (coughs) my powers...are restored, I'll (coughs again) stop Arondor. Please, mother (pants) everyone...will be in danger if I don't stop him!

Queen Emeralsa: Of course, sweetheart you can go and help Jess and Veloces the moment you feel better, but I advise you to be careful.

Lylaco: (groans) I will.    

Jess and Veloces are now at Breezy Ocean looking out at the beautiful blue sea as the sun begins to set but they worry about Lylaco.

Jess: What if...

Veloces: What if what?

Jess: What if Lylaco doesn't make it?

Veloces: I'm sure she will, we just need to believe. However I don't think I could cope without her myself.

Jess: She's the greatest friend ever, she was the one who took me in when I was just a baby, I never knew my parents.

Veloces: (surprised) Why? What happened?

Jess: I don't wanna talk about it.

Veloces: That's OK with me. I've been thinking about something too.

Jess: Huh?

Veloces: Decibella said the fragment her friend Belle ate was just lying around in the swamp, no one guarding it at all. Not even one of Serpico's goons, I mean they were meant to be guarding the fragments, weren't they?

Jess: (ponders) That's true, actually come to think of it we never saw any of Serpico's soldiers at the City of the Dragons either. Hmm, something doesn't seem right.

Veloces: You could be right, Jess; right now we have to find that fragment. Lylaco said it was here.

Jess: Yeah, only it could be on the bottom of the ocean floor.

Veloces: Please don't say that.

Jess: Why not?

Veloces: It'll be impossible to reach it without drowning, this ocean is miles deep.

Jess: I know. I can't swim anyway.

Veloces: Neither can I.

Then a voice speaks to Jess and Veloces.

Voice: Can I help you?

Jess: Who said that?

Voice: I did.

Veloces and Jess look out and see a blue sea dragon in the sea.

Sea Dragon: Sorry to disturb you, my name is Sea Storm but you can call me Storm, this ocean is my home.

Veloces: Very nice to meet you, I'm Veloces and this is Jess.

Sea Storm: Nice to meet you, so what brings you to my home?

Jess: We came here looking for something called a fragment of the Talisman of Strength, have you heard of it?

Sea Storm: Have I heard of it? Yes, everyone in the world of Emeralda knows of it. It offers strength to people when they need to stay strong, how could I not know about it?

Jess: (sarcastically) Point taken. Only it was destroyed into fragments and we need to collect them quickly.

Veloces: Anyway, our friend Lylaco said a fragment of the Talisman is here somewhere. She's really weak right now so she's resting, but she'll be back with us soon (looks sadly down at the ground) I hope.

Sea Storm: I'm sure your friend will be fine, tell you what, I'll ask my fish friends if they know anything about the fragment, wait here (dives underwater)

Jess: I like him.

Veloces: He does seem like a nice guy.

Veloces and Jess wait for a while for Sea Storm to return, after a while they both fall asleep. Eventually Sea Strom returns.

Sea Storm: Hey, you guys wake up.

Jess: (sleepily) What's up, Storm?

Veloces: (yawns) What did you find out?

Sea Storm: My fish friends said they found the thing you're looking for.

Jess: (gasps) Did you hear that, Veloces?

Veloces: Sure did (rubs his eyes) but we can't exactly get to it ourselves (to Sea Storm) you see, we can't exactly swim.

Sea Storm: That's OK, leave it to me I'll get the fragment for you guys.

Jess: Wait, be careful it will be infected by Arondor's power so don't touch it.

Sea Storm: Don't worry, the emperor of the sea, Emperor Tsuna knows how to handle dark magic and stuff, he can help.

Veloces: Nice one, good luck.

Sea Storm dives back into the ocean to hunt for the Talisman fragment.

Scene 17: Water Fight

Sea Storm swims through the ocean looking around for the fragment of the Talisman, he meets his friend Oscar along the way.

Oscar: Yo, Storm.

Sea Storm: What's up, Oscar? Do you know exactly where a fragment is? It's from the Talisman.

Oscar: Bernie and Josie said they saw it at the reef, only...

Sea Storm: What's wrong, buddy?

Oscar: Bernie started acting crazy around it, I was on my way to find you and then I noticed a strange purple flash of light behind me.

Sea Storm: What kind of purple light?

Oscar: I looked back and something strange was happening to Bernie, I managed to get to Josie out of there.

Sea Storm: Is she safe?

Oscar: She's fine, but you better get home, Emperor Tsuna's orders.

Sea Storm: No, I'm not backing down! That fragment has made Bernie a monster I'm sure, my new friends Jess and Veloces informed me that the fragment has been infected by Arondor's evil power and they need it immediately. You just get to safety, OK? (swims away)

Oscar: (nervous) Sure thing, no worries (swims away quickly)

Sea Storm continues to swim onward to find the Talisman fragment, he keeps a sharp eye out for Bernie as well. Suddenly he hears the sound of what sounds like a loud screeching roar in the distance.

Sea Storm: (looks around nervously) Who's there? Is someone there?

A shadowy figure propels past Sea Storm from behind, he turns round in a flash but he doesn't see anything. The same shadowy figure races by again.

Sea Storm: Seriously, this isn't funny quit trying to scare me.

Sea Storm looks around frantically trying to see who or what is trying to toy with him, then a large purple demon octopus looms up behind him growling.

Sea Storm: (turns round to face the octopus) Uh...B-Bernie? Is that you?

Bernie roars loudly at Sea Storm, he screams in terror and swims away as Bernie gives chase.

Sea Storm: I'm gonna die, I am gonna die! Arrrrgh!! I don't wanna become sea food!!

Sea Storm swims into a small cavern hoping to get away from Bernie, but Bernie burrows his way through with his powerful tentacles.

Sea Storm: (panting, looks back and sees Bernie right behind him) Help me! Somebody help!

Sea Storm makes it out through the other side of the cavern as Bernie crashes his way through.

Sea Storm: (annoyed) Oh, come on! Seriously, Bernie!?

Then Bernie chases Sea Storm right past Emperor Tsuna's chamber but he doesn't see Sea Storm being chased.

Sea Storm: (screaming)

Emperor Tsuna: Sea Storm?

Oscar: (swims into the castle) Emperor Tsuna!

Emperor Tsuna: What is it, Oscar!?

Oscar: I have terrible news, Storm is in danger!

Emperor Tsuna: (shocked) What!!?

Sea Storm decides enough is enough and stops to face Bernie.

Sea Storm: OK, that's it! No more running away! Besides I should be standing my ground, not running like a scardy fish. Come on, Bernie!

Bernie swims at Sea Storm and Sea Storm swims at him then tackles him to the ocean floor, sand and debris rises from the impact.

Sea Storm: Ha, take that! (notices Bernie's tentacle aiming right at him) Uh oh.

Bernie knocks Sea Storm off him with such force he is sent swirling all the way to the surface.

Jess: Hey, it's Sea Storm.

Veloces: Are you OK!?

Sea Storm: Yeah, I'm fine, I'm just (gets grabbed by Bernie's tentacles and dragged underwater) Bleghh!

Jess: Huh? Storm!

Sea Storm: (manages to resurface while wrestling with Bernie) I'm OK! I got this!

Sea Storm gets dragged underwater again.

Sea Storm: (resurfaces, spits water) No, I don't (gets dragged under again) Aaah!

Veloces: We have to do something! He needs help!

Jess: Veloces, no, we don't stand a chance against that thing!

Veloces: Yeah, and neither does he, I'm going in!

Jess: Veloces, don't!

Veloces is about to take off when he and Jess hear a roar.

Veloces: (looks around) What was that?

Jess: (looks around then looks up and points) Look!

Veloces: (looks up) Huh?

The golden dragon flies towards Jess and Veloces with Lylaco riding on its back.

Veloces: (gasps) Is that?

Jess: It's Lylaco!

Veloces: Alright, yeah!

Lylaco: Alright, boy, let's do this.

The golden dragon swoops in to save Sea Storm from Bernie then breathes fire in Bernie's face. This angers Bernie so he ignores Sea Storm and focuses on Lylaco and the golden dragon.

Sea Storm: (swims to the beach) SO that's your friend Lylaco, huh?

Jess: (smiles) Yep, that's our best friend.

Sea Storm: Right, also that giant octopus dude is my friend, Bernie.

Veloces: He's been cursed by the fragment.

Sea Storm: (gasps in horror) What!? No wonder Oscar said Bernie was going crazy!

Meanwhile Lylaco continues to battle Bernie, he launches his tentacles at Lylaco , the dragon moves out the way and breathes more fire at Bernie right into his eye. This angers him more so he shoots a stream of ink at Lylaco. The dragon dodges but Bernie sees an opening and uses his tentacles to attack the dragon and knocks Lylaco off its back.

Lylaco: Aagh!

Veloces: Oh no!

As Lylaco falls, Bernie smacks her in mid air with his tentacle and sends her flying then she lands in the sea close to Sea Storm, he quickly acts and goes to help Lylaco.

Sea Storm: (gasps) Hang on, I'm coming (swims over to Lylaco)

Lylaco: (comes up to the surface, coughing) That's no way to treat a lady!

Sea Storm: Come on, let's get you back to dry land.

Lylaco: Thank you.

Lylaco and Sea Storm swim back to the beach.

Sea Storm: Happy to help, I'm Sea Storm.

Lylaco: I'm Lylaco the warrior deer.

Sea Storm: Yes, your friends told me about you.

Lylaco: (smiles) That's nice. 'Scuse me while I dry myself.

Lylaco shakes the water off her only to get Jess and Veloces wet by accident.

Lylaco: Oops (chuckles nervously) sorry.

Jess: Aw, it's alright (shakes herself dry then runs up and hugs her friend) I'm so glad you're feeling better.

Lylaco: (hugs Jess) All I needed was a good long rest, I'm all good now.

Veloces: (shakes himself dry and hugs Lylaco) It's good to see you again.

Lylaco: (hugs Veloces) Good to see you too, Veloces.

Sea Storm: Um, I hate to interrupt your reunion but we still got ourselves a situation here.

Lylaco, Jess and Veloces stop hugging and see the golden dragon still fighting with Bernie.

Scene 18: The Last Confrontation

The dragon battles hard with Bernie.

Lylaco: This could go on forever.

Sea Storm: I'll take care of it, you lot stay back.

Just when Sea Storm is about to leap into action, Emperor Tsuna rises from the depths of the sea.

Sea Storm: It's Emperor Tsuna.

Emperor Tsuna: Evil powers, be gone!!

With a wave of his staff, he lifts the curse on Bernie turning him back to his friendly self.

Bernie: (groans) What time is it?

Sea Storm: Wow, thanks, you saved us.

Emperor Tsuna: (sighs) I'm very disappointed in you, Sea Storm.

Sea Storm: Huh!?

Emperor Tsuna: You disobeyed a direct order; you and everyone in the ocean were to get to safety from this dark magic.

Sea Storm: I'm really sorry, I had to help my new friends and--

Emperor: (interrupting, stern) You could have been killed! You also could've endangered the lives of those three! (points to Lylaco, Jess and Veloces) I'm also disappointed in you too, Bernie, I specifically told everyone not to touch the fragment.

Bernie: Wait, I'm in trouble too? Thanks a lot, Storm!

Sea Storm: Hey, I needed your help, OK!?

Emperor Tsuna: That's enough, both of you! Now go to the castle and wait for me there and tell Josie and Oscar to join you.

Sea Storm and Bernie look at each other grumpily and dive underwater to the castle, Empereor Tsuna then turns his attention to Lylaco and her friends.

Emperor Tsuna: My apologise, Sea Storm is a good kid really, he just likes to be the hero a lot. Are you alright?

Lylaco: (bows) We're fine, sir.

Jess and Veloces bow down too.

Emperor Tsuna: T, also I believe you must have this fragment. It is part of the Talisman, here take it.

Lylaco: (takes the fragment) Thank you.

Emperor Tsuna: I already purified the evil energy that was coming from the fragment; you don't have to worry about it infecting you now.

Lylaco: Arondor’s energy doesn’t affect me but thanks anyway (places the fragment in the bag on Jess' back)

Jess: Sea Storm told us that Emperor Tsuna can also handle Arondor's power just like you.

Lylaco: No kidding, well that means there's only one fragment left and we know who has it.

Veloces: We have to go after Arondor now, don't we?

Lylaco: Right, Arondor has the last one we need, but for now let's go home and get some sleep.

Jess: Lylaco's right, I mean I am pretty tired, plus we'll need to be in tip top shape for when we take on Arondor.

Emperor Tsuna: I wish you good luck against Arondor, he's a very dangerous enemy.

Lylaco: We'll do what we can to stop him, he also has the last fragment and he's holding our friend Umbra Vesper prisoner.

Emperor Tsuna: I'm counting on you to get it back, happy trails to you. I hope you can save your friend too.

Veloces: We will, goodbye, sir.

Lylaco: We won't fail you.

Jess: We'll kick his butt!

Lylaco: (sighs and rolls her eyes in amusement)

The three friends climb onto the golden dragon and head for home.

Jess: Hey, Lylaco. Veloces and I was wondering, why none of Serpico's guys were guarding the fragments in the City of the Dragon's or the swamp.

Lylaco: Hmm, I was thinking the exact same thing, Decibella said no one was guarding the fragment she found and Alvor didn't say anything about the fragment in the City of the Dragon's being guarded. Did Serpico's soldiers just leave them behind? This doesn't make sense.

Veloces: Do you think Arondor's trying to lure us into a trap?

Lylaco: Could be, we need to be prepared; who don't know what he could be up to.

The three friends fly on. Meanwhile, Serpico and one of his soldiers are at the entrance to Arondor's cave talking to each other.

Serpico: It won't be long now, soon Lylaco and her friends will be here and not only will I have my revenge but Master Arondor will have every single fragment (chuckles evilly)

Cobra Soldier: No doubt she'll be resting up for the night, pity Master Arondor doesn't just find Lylaco now and take the fragments while she is sleeping.

Serpico: Ah, that would be too easy, wouldn't it? Besides we have her shadow friend, remember? Besides Master Arondor is sleeping too.

Cobra Soldier: Yeah, you're right, Commander.

Serpico: Absolutely.

Cobra Soldier: Um, Commander? What about the one who destroyed our planet?

Serpico: When this is all over, I will find her have my revenge on her too!

Cobra Soldier: Who is she, anyway?

Serpico: She betrayed me during our encounter with an army of robots from another dimension, she sided with them and became they're ruler. Then she declared war on us. I knew we couldn't win so we had to flee.

Cobra Soldier: But then Arondor took us in, so we're in good hands now.

Serpico: Correct, soldier, now let us rest too. Tomorrow is going to be entertaining.    

The next morning the sky is filled with dark and stormy clouds, lightning flashes, thunder rumbles and the wind blows as Lylaco, Jess and Veloces meet outside Lylaco's house for the big challenge ahead. Now Jess' highlight in her hair is yellow.

Lylaco: This is it, guys, it's time to face Arondor, get that last fragment and end this once and for all.

Veloces: I'm ready for anything.

Jess: (cracks her knuckles) I was born ready; also my highlight is yellow now.

Lylaco: Very nice, Jess it suits you. Now follow me, we need to let my mother know what's happening.

Lylaco and her friends set off for Queen Emeralsa's palace, as they leave Lilac Village, Lily calls out weakly.

Lily: (weakly) Lylaco.

Lylaco: Huh? (looks back) What's wrong, Lily?

Lily: Good luck and hurry, without the Talisman of Strength we’re getting weaker.

Lylaco: Oh no. Don’t worry, Lily, we’re going to hunt down Arondor, defeat him and restore the Talisman if it's the last thing we do.

Lily: You can do it, Lylaco. I believe in you.

Lylaco smiles at Lily. The group continues on their way to the city, they soon arrive and see Queen Emeralsa stood at the entrance of the palace.

Queen Emeralsa: I've been expecting you.

Lylaco: You have? Where is everyone and why are there so many guards?

Queen Emeralsa: Everyone is safe in their homes and my guards are on full alert for when Arondor arrives, no doubt he will try to take the city.

Lylaco: He'll have to get through us first.

Queen Emeralsa: We're counting on you, all of you.

Lylaco goes and hugs her mother and she hugs Lylaco back.

Lylaco: I love you, mother.

Queen Emeralsa: I love you too, now hurry, ride the dragon and track down Arondor's hideout.

Lylaco: Of course, I know exactly where it is.

The three friends fly towards Arondor's cave where he is expecting them.

Arondor: (smiles evilly) Perfect, that warrior deer Lylaco and her friends are on their way as we speak, it won't be long now (chuckles)

Serpico: I can hardly contain my excitement! Soon it will be payback time!

Arondor: Easy, Serpico. For now let's roll out the red carpet (cackles)

The golden dragon lands at the entrance of Arondor's cave and Lylaco and her friends climb off. Serpico's soldiers are all lined up with their monstrous looking condors watching them.

Lylaco: We're finally here.

Jess: Whoa, uh...I know I said I was ready for anything but I have to admit I'm a little scared. Look, Serpico's guys are here.

Veloces: We're here for you Jess, Lylaco and I.

Lylaco: (reassuring Jess) And we always will be (takes a deep breath) let's go.

Lylaco, Veloces and Jess enter the cave, they walk halfway through and then Serpico stands in their way.

Lylaco: (gasps) Serpico.

Serpico: Long time, no see, Lylaco. Welcome to my master's cave.

Veloces: Where's Arondor and the fragment!?

Jess: And where's Umbra Vesper!?

Serpico: Huh, you kids are certainly impatient, follow me and I'll show you.

Lylaco: I guess we don't have a choice, fine Serpico, lead the way.

Serpico: Gladly (chuckles)

The group follows Serpico all the way to Arondor's chamber room where he is waiting.

Arondor: Ah, Lylaco, glad you're feeling better; it's about time you got here. You've been busy gathering all of the fragments, I see. Or should I say, all

Lylaco: Just one question, how come you didn't hunt for the fragments yourself?

Arondor: I'm glad you asked. The answer is obvious really. I ordered Serpico to tell his men that they must purposefully leave the fragments where they were; then I sent him to follow and watch you as you gathered each fragment.

Serpico: That's right, once you had them all I would take them from you by surprise and bring them back to Master Arondor.
Arondor: Yes, then you would follow Serpico back here to recover the fragments; once you arrived I would imprison you all and make you my slaves.

Jess: You're sick!

Arondor: However, you ended up in a bit of a struggle on your way to that Dragon City and your friend almost threw his life away just to save yours. When Serpico brought him here, I knew that not only would you come for the fragment I have from the dragon you fought, but also to rescue your shadow friend (chuckles) now, you're right where I want you!

Veloces: So, your plan WAS to lure us in.

Arondor: Exactly.  

Serpico brings out Umbra Vesper still trapped in the cage.

Umbra Vesper: Lylaco!

Lylaco: Vesper!

Arondor: The funniest thing was that Vesper thought Serpico was the one who issued the attack on you and your friends.

Serpico: That's right, my lord. What a fool Vesper was being, thinking I was one who sent that creature to attack you and your crew, why would I do that when Arondor clearly wanted you alive to do all the work for him?

Umbra Vesper: So you were telling the truth.

Serpico: Of course I was, you fool! Ah, I forgot to mention; it looks like your wing is looking a lot better.

Lylaco: You were injured, Vesper?

Umbra Vesper: Yeah, what that creature attacked me, it hurt my wing. It's OK though, my wing is now fine; we shadows heal fast.

Arondor: I was rather interested, so I asked Serpico to tell his men to hunt down this creature and bring it here, it was no easy task training it but it was worth it in the end.

The corrupted dragon roars from inside his cage.

Veloces: (losing his temper) That dragon was just a normal, carefree, innocent citizen and you just made it your pet!?

Arondor: (laughs) And a marvellous pet it makes.

Veloces: (growls in anger)

Lylaco: I can't believe you'd be so crude just to get what you want, have you forgotten what you did to my father!?

Arondor: Your father was foolish enough to challenge me during the last battle I had with your family. After I was captured, Serpico helped me escape from that prison island and I took those meddling soldiers for a dip in the ocean.

Lylaco: You DID drown them! You monster!

Arondor: (laughs) Enough talk, let's get down to business, shall we?

Lylaco becomes increasingly angry.

Arondor: Hand over the rest of the fragments, then surrender the Talisman of Strength to me and I will release your friend, you know what will happen if you don't.

Jess: Don't do it, Lylaco!

Lylaco: I don't have a choice, Jess, Arondor wanted my mother to deliver a message to me.

Jess: What kind of message?

Lylaco: (sighs) I have to surrender the Talisman and my mother must surrender the city, if we don't, Arondor will destroy us.

Veloces: You can't be serious! Besides what makes you think Arondor will honour his word if you do surrender?

Lylaco: We have to give him the fragments, Veloces, or we'll never get Vesper back.

Arondor: (enraged) Enough! Hand over the fragments or I will make all three of you a stain on the floor!!

Lylaco: (rips the bag off Jess' back and throws it to Arondor) Here, take them! Let Vesper go!

Arondor: (chuckles evilly) I knew you'd see sense, release Umbra Vesper, Serpico.

Serpico opens up the cage to release Vesper, he runs over to Lylaco and hugs her.

Umbra Vesper: Thank you, I can't believe you did that for me.

Lylaco: You're our friend, Vesper, sometimes you have to take risks.

All of a sudden Arondor grabs Lylaco by the neck.

Umbra Vesper: Lylaco!!

Veloces and Jess gasp in horror, Vesper tries to save Lylaco but Serpico attacks him and aims his gun at him to keep him at bay.

Arondor: I wouldn't try that again, Vesper.

Jess and Veloces try to save Lylaco but Arondor stops them.

Arondor: (points at Veloces and Jess) One more step and the girl's a goner!

Jess: Let my friend go, or you'll face my wrath!

Arondor: Serpico! Get these two under control as well!

Serpico: Yes, my lord!

Serpico pulls out another gun and aims at Jess and Veloces.

Arondor: Now then, Lylaco, time to say goodnight.

Jess and Veloces: NO!!

Lylaco: (scared) What are you doing!? Let me go!

Arondor: (morphs his hand into a blade) Such a fool you are! You should know never to make a deal with me, now you will regret your decision in the afterlife! (cackles)

Lylaco sees the blade on Arondor's left arm which reminds her of her dream. She sweats and trembles with fear as Arondor brings his blade closer and closer to Lylaco's neck, she closes her eyes tight and awaits the inevitable, but then Arondor stops.

Lylaco: Huh?

Arondor: (chuckles and throws Lylaco against the wall) On, second thought; I think someone else should have the pleasure of killing you instead (looks at Serpico)

Serpico: Oh, yes I've been waiting for this moment. It's payback time, Lylaco! (aims both his guns at Lylaco) DIE!!

Serpico fires his guns at the same time, Jess rushes in and gets hit in the shoulder by the shots and is sent flying. Jess hits her head on the wall and falls unconscious on the ground.

Veloces: JEEEESSSS!!!!!

Arondor: (laughs maniacally) Oh, well at least I have someone else for another prisoner (glares at Veloces and grabs him)

Arondor opens the corrupted dragon’s cage and jumps onto its back.

Arondor: I will leave you to take care of things here, Serpico!

Veloces: Let me go! No no!!

Arondor flies away on the corrupt dragon through a giant hole above his chamber with Veloces and the Talisman fragments.

Serpico: (cackles) Absolutely, I will dispose of these meddlers good and proper!

Vesper thinks to go after Arondor but instead he tends to Lylaco after he hears her groan.

Umbra Vesper: Are you OK?

Lylaco: Ugh, I think so, just a little shaken that's all (notices Jess lying motionless on the ground and gasps) JESS!

Lylaco runs over to Jess fearing her friend may be dead.

Lylaco: Oh no. Jess? Jess! (starts crying)

Umbra Vesper: (hugs Lylaco) She gave her life to save yours, she was a brave hero.

Serpico: Hmph! The stupid girl shouldn't have been so reckless (chuckles evilly)

Hearing Serpico's evil words Lylaco is filled with so much rage her yellow hair and neck fur begin to turn orange and her coat turns red, she screams in anger and lunges at Serpico.

Serpico: What!? No!

Lylaco shows no mercy for Serpico and attacks him violently, Serpico tries to go for his gun but Lylaco tackles him to the ground. Lylaco goes to destroy the guns but Serpico gets up quickly and grabs them.

Serpico: (angry) That's it! You're going down!!

Lylaco: Let's see you try, snake freak!!!

Serpico: (snarls) Nobody calls me snake freak and gets away with it!!

Serpico fires loads of shots at Lylaco but she jumps in the air and lands behind Serpico and kicks him in the back so hard he drops his guns, Lylaco destroys them by stamping on them. Now Serpico beings to panic and blows his horn to alert his soldiers, they rush in as soon as they hear the sound.

Serpico: (panicking) H-h-how c-can this be!?

Umbra Vesper: Maybe you shouldn't have pushed her buttons.

Serpico: Huh!?

Lylaco delivers a fiery punch to Serpico right in the stomach cracking his armour, then his body slowly begins to burn. Lylaco eventually calms down and her hair and neck fur turn back to their normal yellow colour and her c, she pants as she and Vesper watch Serpico burn.

Serpico: No! No! Oh no! NOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!

Lylaco: Nobody hurts Jess!

Umbra Vesper: Way to go, Lylaco, you did it!

Lylaco: I kicked some butt, huh? Didn't know I could do that just by my anger.

Serpico's soldiers arrive at the scene but they are too late, Serpico's dead body burns in front of them, they look at Lylaco knowing it was her who killed Serpico and she gives them a stern look which scares them and they all run away screaming and take off on their condors.

Lylaco: No doubt they'll be heading to the city to warn Arondor, let's take Jess there!

Umbra Vesper: Sure, I got it.

As Vesper picks up Jess, she groans.

Umbra Vesper: She's alive.

Lylaco: Really!?

Umbra Vesper: Really, honest.

Lylaco: I'm so relieved, come on, let's get going!

Umbra Vesper: (smiles) I'm right behind you!

Lylaco and Vesper hurry out of the cave and hop onto the golden dragon, it takes off quickly.

Lylaco: What happened to Veloces?

Umbra Vesper: Arondor took him after he attacked you!

Lylaco: (frustrated) Oooh, he's gonna pay for this!

Umbra Vesper: We gotta save him, but we have to get to your mother's city before those guys first!

Lylaco: Don't worry this dragon is fast, we'll get there before they will!

Umbra Vesper: Great!

Scene 19: The Battle for Emeralda

The storm gets worse and rain begins to pour down heavily as Lylaco and Vesper, who is holding onto Jess, hurry to the City of Emeralsa before Serpico's men do. Suddenly, Serpico's men notice the golden dragon rocket past them.

Soldier 1: It's them!

Soldier 2: Hurry, take 'em out!

Umbra Vesper: Uh oh, Lylaco they're onto us!

Lylaco: We don't have time to deal with them; we have to get the city!

Serpico's soldiers move in close with their weapons ready, as they about to fire. Alvor swoops in with Coldscale at his side and burns them with his fire breath, many more dragons join the battle.

Lylaco: Wha? It's Alvor and Coldscale!

Umbra Vesper: You know those two?

Lylaco: They're from the City of the Dragons.

Umbra Vesper: Oh, OK.

Alvor and Coldscale fly alongside Lylaco and Vesper.

Alvor: Glad we could meet again.

Lylaco: Yeah, me too.

Alvor: I saw you flying past my city, so I had to get the dragons together to help out.

Umbra Vesper: Awesome, thanks man.

Lylaco: This is my friend, Umbra Vesper by the way.

Alvor: Nice to meet you, now you two hurry, my dragons and I will hold these mongrels off! I could only bring a few dragons as most of them are growing weak back in the city, we'll do the best we can before we start getting weak too! (flies off to fight Serpico's men)

Coldscale: Hmph! Have fun saving the day!

Lylaco: And we will, we will defeat Arondor!

Coldscale: I'll believe that when I see it!

Coldscale flies away to join the fight.

Umbra Vesper: Is she always like that?

Lylaco: Unfortunately.

Umbra Vesper: That's not good.

The golden dragon flies on as Alvor, Coldscale and the dragons take out Serpico's soldiers one by one sending them plummeting into the sea below. Soon Lylaco and Vesper arrive at the city.

Lylaco: Get Jess some place safe (jumps of the golden dragon and hurries off) Arondor is mine!

Umbra Vesper: You can do it, Lylaco!

Lylaco looks around the city, she gasps when sees her mother's guards lying battered and beaten on the ground. All of a sudden, she hears the sound of clashing and screaming coming from the palace and hurries over there. Meanwhile, Arondor is at Queen Emeralsa's palace, he has beaten her guards and now has her trapped in her throne room.

Arondor: You're lucky I went easy on your guards, now you just have one thing to do and I will spare you and them.

Queen Emeralsa: You may have forced my daughter to surrender the fragments, but I will NEVER surrender my city or my palace to the likes of you! I will not allow harm to come to my people!

Arondor: (growls) If that's how it's going to be, then so be it!

Arondor morphs his hand into a blade again and just when he is about to strike Lylaco steps in.

Lylaco: ARONDOR!!!

Arondor: What the!!? (turns around and sees Lylaco standing in the doorway and cackles) It's too late, Lylaco, your mother is finished!

Queen Emeralsa: Lylaco! Run!

Lylaco: (leaps over Arondor and lands in front of Queen Emeralsa to protect her) You've gotta go through me to get to her! Serpico's gone Arondor, this is between you and me now!

Queen Emeralsa is surprised at what she has heard.

Arondor: (snarls, then smiles) Impressive, well then as a reward you get to see the return of the Talisman of Strength…and my true power!! (laughs mockingly)

Lylaco: Just one more thing?

Arondor: What is it now!? You're really getting on my nerves!

Lylaco: Where is Veloces?

Arondor: He is my prisoner and soon to be my slave along with you and your worthless allies, you'll never see him again!

Queen Emeralsa: Arondor took Veloces to the dungeon chamber.

Arondor: Correct, now enough talk, let's get this show on the road!

Arondor opens the bag and one by one the Talisman fragments float out and reassemble themselves back into the Talisman itself.

Lylaco: It's the...Talisman!

The Talisman emits a bright purple flash blinding Lylaco and her mother and streams of purple clouds float into Arondor's body. Lylaco and Queen Emeralsa can only watch in fear.

Arondor: (laughs maniacally) Yes, my power will return to full strength and with my army I will use it to not just rule this worthless city, but...ALL OF EMERALDA!!!

Arondor is lifted into the air and undergoes a terrifying transformation. He grows huge and gets enormous bat wings and his body becomes more muscular and turns dark purple with an eerie glow. Then Arondor opens up a portal below him and his resurrected spider army comes crawling out looking all demon like, most of the spider soldiers head out into the city to terrorise the citizens, breaking down their doors holding them hostage, while three of the spiders keep Lylaco and Queen Emeralsa at bay as the portal closes up. Lylaco steps back as Arondor cackles and takes off, he crashes through the roof and into the dark stormy sky causing rubble to fall. Queen Emeralsa picks up the drained Talisman.

Queen Emeralsa: The Talisman is powerless now; Arondor has all of its power.

Lylaco: He had me and my friends gather the fragments for him just to lure us into his trap, I’m sorry, mother.

Queen Emeralsa: It’s alright, sweetie. We all thought Arondor just wanted to abuse the Talisman's power, but he wanted it to take over my city and rule our world with his army by his side. Now that he has all of that power serging through his body I don't think anyone can stop him now.

Lylaco: I feel so helpless.

Queen Emeralsa put her hoof around Lylaco to console her; suddenly the Oracle comes to their rescue and kills the spider soldiers from behind.

Lylaco: It's the Oracle.

The Oracle: Queen Emeralsa, my old friend.

Queen Emeralsa: (gasps) It's been such a long time, I'm happy you have recovered.

The Oracle: As am I. Lylaco, now is the time. The time to put your father's power to use and combine it with your own. You must act this instant and stop Arondor, or Emeralda will be lost, I have faith in you, child.

Queen Emeralsa: I have faith in you too, Lylaco. If you can beat Serpico, you can beat Arondor.

Lylaco smiles and steps forward, she closes her eyes and begins to glow. She is lifted into the air and begins to transform using the power of her father and her own. Her hair and neck fur turn orange and grow longer, they glow brightly and flow beautifully and her green coat turns white and also begins to glow. She opens her eyes and gets ready for battle, she takes off after Arondor. Meanwhile, Arondor floats high in the sky when Lylaco flies up in front of him.

Arondor: Hmm, you think you have the strength to challenge me? Persistence little girl, aren't you? Prepare yourself!

Lylaco: Your reign of terror ends here, Arondor! I will make sure of that!

Arondor: Let's see you try!

Arondor and Lylaco begin their final battle, Lylaco chases Arondor through the clouds, he builds up balls of energy and throws them at Lylaco. Lylaco uses her new powers and stops the energy ball in their tracks and disintegrates them.

Arondor: Not bad. Try this one for size then!

Arondor then decides to control the storm clouds and uses the lightning to attack Lylaco, bolts of lightning fly everywhere, Lylaco has a bit of a hard time dodging them but she evades them unscathed and boosts straight at Arondor and attacks him.

Lylaco: (laughs) Ha, I can take whatever you throw at me!

Arondor is angered by Lylaco's mockery and throws a punch at her, his fist makes contact but Lylaco manages to stop it by clinging onto it. Meanwhile all of Lylaco's new friends including Queen Emeralsa and Umbra Vesper watch her fight Arondor, Jess regains consciousness and sees Lylaco battling with Arondor in the sky.

Jess: L-Lylaco? Is that really her?

Umbra Vesper: No doubt about it, it's all up to her now.

Lylaco and Arondor continue to do battle. Lylaco manages to throw Arondor aside and he disappears into the clouds.

Lylaco: Is that all you got?

Suddenly, Arondor fires a giant purple laser and hits Lylaco, everyone watching the battle gasps at the thought that Lylaco might be hurt. Arondor lunges out from the clouds and punches Lylaco hard and attacks her with multiple strikes, then he grabs her.

Arondor: Taking me on was your greatest mistake, now it's time for die!

Then Lylaco hears the voices of her mother and her friends speaking to her inside her head.

Queen Emeralsa: I believe in you, Lylaco! I know you can win!

Jess: Don't give up, Lylaco!

Veloces: You can win!

Umbra Vesper: You can defeat Arondor if you believe in yourself!

Decibella: You can do it!

Belle: We know you can!

Adney: Come on, Lylaco! Pound him!

Alvor: Tough it out, kiddo!

Coldscale: Don't you dare give up!

Sea Storm: We're losing strength, Lylaco! You have to win for us!

Then Lylaco hears another voice, the voice of her father's spirit.

King Topaz: Lylaco.

Lylaco: Father?

King Topaz: I have faith in you, Lylaco, focus on your power and you will be victorious.

Lylaco heeds her father's words and builds up energy in her body.

Arondor: What!?

Lylaco unleashes the energy with such force she blinds Arondor making him release his grip on Lylaco. Then Lylaco eyes glow yellow and much to Arondor's surprise the golden stags appear right behind her to assist her.

Veloces: Whoa, it's the…

Queen Emeralsa: The Golden Stags!

Arondor: This cannot be!! No, I will not let this happen, I will destroy you!

Arondor throws balls of energy at Lylaco, they hit her but they don't do any damage.

Lylaco: You can't hurt me anymore.

Arondor continues to attack but he is getting nowhere.

Arondor: (stops attacking) How is this happening!?

Lylaco: You cannot match the power that I now possess, Arondor. I will take back the power you tried to abuse and return it to its rightful place!

Arondor: No! No! I will not be defeated!!

The golden stags build up power in their antlers and fire lasers at Arondor, the laser blast right through Arondor's body then Lylaco creates a giant ball of energy and launches it at Arondor, it makes contacts and he screams as his body slowly disintegrates. With Arondor defeated his spider army also begins to disintegrate and Lylaco is victorious. The Talisman regains its Auras of strength and the people of the world feel the power and their strength returns.

Final Scene: All Hail the Princess

Everyone cheers for Lylaco, they hug and cry tears of joy as their world is saved, even Coldscale is impressed and smiles. Later that afternoon, the storm has passed and Umbra Vesper brings Jess to Queen Emeralsa. Lylaco slowly returns from the sky and lands on the ground gently, her new form fades and she is rather exhausted from her battle with Arondor. Jess tries to run and hug her friend but the pain in her shoulder holds her back.

Umbra Vesper: Easy, Jess. You did it, Lylaco, you saved us all. Thank goodness that storm has passed as well.

Lylaco: (very tired) It was nothing really (chuckles weakly)

Queen Emeralsa: Come inside and rest and I shall treat you and Jess.

Lylaco follows her mother into the palace with Vesper and Jess close behind.

Queen Emeralsa: It will take some time to repair the damage. But still, this palace could use a little makeover.

Lylaco: What about the guards?

Queen Emeralsa: Don't worry, they'll be treated too.

Queen Emeralsa takes Lylaco into her bedroom and gently lifts Lylaco onto her bed.

Lylaco: (groans) My head is pounding. That battle was a little too much for me, I can barely move.

Queen Emeralsa: Yes, but after a good long rest you'll soon feel better. You know I have been thinking, I think your father wanted you to have his power all along, knowing you would be the one to wield it. As for the Golden Stags, they must have noticed you were in trouble and assisted you in battle.

Lylaco: They were a great help. If it weren't for them and my father's power I wouldn't have been able to defeat Arondor, thank you, father.

Umbra Vesper: It's a good thing The Orcale gave you your father’s power.

Jess: Nothing can stop my best friend (clenches her shoulder) Ow, my shoulder really hurts.

Queen Emeralsa: I will tend to your shoulder, Jess, this way.

Jess follows Queen Emeralsa to be treated.

Lylaco: By the way, is Veloces OK?

Umbra Vesper: Why don't you ask him yourself?

Lylaco looks over and see Veloces stands at the foot of the bed smiling.

Veloces: You are our hero, Lylaco. while you were battling Arondor, Queen Emeralsa released me from the dungeon, that's the first time I've ever been captured (chuckles) she said you creamed Serpico, is this true?

Umbra Vesper: Uh huh, he's dead. But it's good to see you're OK, buddy.

Veloces: Thanks, Vesper.

Vesper and Veloces fist bump, then Queen Emeralsa comes back into the room.

Queen Emeralsa: Jess' shoulder will be fine, now Lylaco, when you're feeling better again you need to return the Talisman to the altar now its power has returned, after that come back to the palace, I have a very special surprise for you.

A few days later, Lylaco's has gotten her strength back yet again and Jess' shoulder is looking a lot better. Lylaco, Jess and Veloces take the Talisman of Srength back to the altar. It floats in place glowing brightly in its golden hue.

Jess: Good to see the Talisman of Strength back where it belongs.

Lylaco: Yes, with its power restored our people can gain strength once again when they need it.

Veloces: And we can all rest easy tonight. Now let's head for the palace.

Lylaco and her friends arrive at Queen Emeralsa's palace, a huge crowd has gathered waiting for her and they step aside when they see her allowing her to approach the palace entrance where her mother is waiting with Umbra Vesper at her side.

Lylaco: Why is everyone here, mother?

Queen Emeralsa: Because I informed them including the people of Lilac Village that you will be receiving your surprise.

Queen Emeralsa speaks clearly to the crowd.

Queen Emeralsa: Citizens of the city and Lilac Village, we are gathered here today to celebrate my daughter's victory over the dreaded Arondor. She has proven without a doubt that she is capable of protecting and saving our world, now Lylaco, since you have proven yourself, you may claim your title.

Lylaco is surprised as Queen Emeralsa's guards walk forward carrying a golden crown. Queen Emeralsa takes the crown and places it on Lylaco's head.

Queen Emeralsa: Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Princess Lylaco.

The crowd cheers wildly as Lylaco turns around to face them wearing her crown, she waves to them as a small tear of happiness rolls down her cheek. Jess bursts into tears and hugs Veloces, even he sheds a few tears and Vesper just smiles for Lylaco.

Queen Emeralsa: As for Umbra Vesper, last of the shadows, he will have a place with Lylaco as her body guard.

Vesper gasps in surprise as the crowd cheers again and Lylaco throws her hooves around Vesper hugging him.

Lylaco: Congratulations, Vesper!

Umbra Vesper: (hugs Lylaco) Congratulations to you too, Princess!

Queen Emeralsa: (walks over to Lylaco) Your father would be so proud of you.

Queen Emerasla and Lylaco hug each other once more. Later Lylaco, Jess, Veloces and Umbra Vesper return to Lilac Village where everyone cheers for Lylaco. Coldscale, Sea Storm and a large yellow dragon are waiting for them.

Lylaco: Sea Storm, Coldscale? What are you doing here?

Sea Storm: We wanted to meet you here so we could congratulate you on defeating that nasty Spider King. Nice crown, are you a princess now?

Lylaco: Yes, and thank you, well I'm glad you're here because I want to properly thank you both for helping me and my friends.

Coldscale: (bows) It's an honour, Princess. Um...I owe you and your friends an apology. I've been very rude to all of you and I'm sorry, Mayor Alvor made sure I apologised and cleaned up after the mess I made. Now I can live in the City of the Dragons as just a citizen and not as a thief.

Jess: That's great news.

Coldscale: Thanks Jess, hope we can meet again sometime, as friends not as partners in crime, right?

Jess: Right (giggles)

Lylaco: (notices the yellow dragon) Um...who's that?

Coldscale: This is my friend Cyrus, he was one cursed Arondor's power.

Cyrus: Now I'm back to normal again! Thank you, Princess.

Lylaco: It's my honour, Cyrus.

Coldscale: Come on, Cyrus, time to go home.

Cyrus: Right behind you, Coldscale.

Coldscale and Cyrus fly away back to the City of the Dragons.

Sea Storm: Emperor Tsuna says he's very grateful that you saved us and he will find a way so you can visit us, wouldn't that be great?

Veloces: Yeah, but like Jess and I said we can't swim.

Sea Storm: That won't be a problem; the emperor and I can help with that.

Veloces (smiles)

Sea Storm: I should be getting on home, hope to see you lot soon, especially you, Princess Lylaco.

Lylaco: (chuckles)

Sea Storm turns and heads back to Breezy Ocean. Then Jess hears Charles shouting angrily from a distance.

Charles: Jess! I'm still gonna make you pay for embarrassing me!

Jess looks round and sees Charles running towards her.

Jess: Uh…later guys, I gotta go!

Charles: Get back here!

Lylaco, Veloces and Umbra Vesper laugh as Charles chases Jess around Lilac Village. Back at the altar, the Oracle stands looking at the Talisman itself.

The Oracle: Lylaco has claimed victory over Arondor, the beast who threw our world into turmoil. It will take time to repair what Arondor damaged, but the people of Emeralda are now at peace and just as Veloces said, we can rest easy tonight. We must now stand together to protect the Talisman of Strength and the world from any more danger should it arise.  

As night falls a mysterious figure stands on top of the altar.

Female Voice: Serpico has been destroyed, I knew has was weak and pathetic. This new deer princess looks like a formidable opponent, I would love to put her skills to the test (chuckles evilly)

The Warrior Deer (Part 4) FINALE
This is is, the final part of The Warrior Deer. I really had fun writing this and I hope you lot had/have fun reading it, also a big special thanks to all of the contest entries for sending in your characters I couldn't have done this without your help and support.

Big thank you to:


You people rock!
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